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Platform Elements

Platform Elements

Nov 18


The seismic signal detected by the SENSOR to the onset of the phenomenon (WAVE P), is received from the monitoring station by means of a satellite system with a maximum delay of 600 ms;

STATION MONITORING, with appropriate SERVER redundant, send to each "ACTUATOR / DEVICE" throughout the territory surrounding a pulse with a delay
average of 1,500 ms.

THEN, depending on the composition of the geomorphological area and distance from the epicenter, our system sends an alarm signal with a "ADVANCE" which can vary from 2 to 60 seconds to arrival wave L (ONE DESTRUCTIVE).

Nov 18

 The sensor  is recognized as a valid measurement tool and, in particular, is distinguished by:



  • High sensitivity and stability;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Distinguished environmental noise than expected;
  • It has no need 'of any "filter";
  • Simple and common use;
  • Informs, even in local, on the hazard of earthquake in the first moments;
  • Please issues related to preventive seismic risk;
  • Highlight only a variation of state to magnitude fixed;



Nov 18

Station Monitoring and Control is the structure that has the task to record, codify and disseminate the data collected by sensors in the territory where they are installed.

NOC - Network Operation Center, manned H / 24 and made structures Networking fully redundant, has the task of verifying in real time the functionality and efficiency of the connectivity of the network of sensors.

Server from the station monitoring the pulse is sent to excite the OPERATOR in your possession.

Nov 18

The ACTUATOR DEVICE, depending on how to connect by the end user, performs the following functions:


  • Sounder / Visual front seismic incoming and expected intensity
  • Solenoid gas block to prevent leakages breaking conducted
  • Lock Solenoid Water system for flooding / electrocution
  • Block power line for danger fire / electric shock / explosions

Offices - Workshops - Shipyards - Condominiums - More in general

  • Evacuation / activation procedures safeguard.
  • Opening access doors, gates, bars access, turnstiles etc. (banks, post offices, access to public places).
  • Block automatic cranes, tools and devices dangerous construction sites, workshops, factories etc.
  • Ignition hazard lights (discos, offices, etc).
  • Block elevators and garage floor.
  • Block and commissioning protection of cable cars and other assets at risk in case of earthquake.
  • Block trains and trams.
  • Disabling Power lines to avoid danger of explosion, fire and electric shock.
  • Lock gas distribution network.
  • Block distribution water mains.
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